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We are now taking bookings for this summers Monday nights courses, booking is done on-line though the booking form.

Currently you can book on either 1 or both course covering Basic, Intermediate, Advanced or play boating. Basic and intermediate are covered in two modules (details to follow) but the modules will be repeated later so if you miss one module you will be able to book it again later. We will also be issuing everyone with a logbook to keep a record of what they have done.

We now accept payment via Paypal which is the preferred method of payment or you can pay by cheque.

The course fee have gone up this year, there are two reasons; the main one is we are paying our coaches more this year the cost of living (fuel etc.) has gone up and these guys have to make a living (Some of our coaches are volunteers and other offer their services for free on club trips and other events), but we also wanted to offer more choice and so this could mean less people on a course so less money. However you are still getting exceptional value for money over 6 hours of coaching for just £30.

The club is still run exclusively by volunteers, and always will be. A massive amount time such as this website design, arranging coaching, sorting kit is given for free, please don't forget that, if we make a mistake please let us know and we will try and sort it ASAP that included speling mistakes and grammar on the website.

Please support your club, tell your friends and family, get them to join and book on a course.

Enjoy your course and get out BOATING.

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